Since retiring to Crete keeping Betty in prime condition has become onerous. If you would like to ensure that she stays on the road please donate to our DS restoration fund - just click on the button below:


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The Most Beautiful Car in the World - Ever
- the amazing Citroen DS
- style not fashion


The Citroen DS is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful cars ever made. And I'm not alone - look up any reputable book on design and you"ll find that the author thinks the same way. One of the most brilliant philosophers of the twentieth century, Roland Barthes, even devoted an article to the DS (ClickMe to read). The DS ( a French pun on the word Goddess) stands out from the pack. With lines to die for and engineering far ahead of its time it is that most desirable thing - a design icon that works for a living.


My own DS - a 1972 D Super 5 I acquired my first DS, a French built 1972 D Super 5 reg.no JYY 251J, or Betty as we call her, from the leading London DS dealer - then Retromobile, now << DS World ltd. >> - who serviced her until 1999 when she left the country once more but this time for Crete. After a lifetime of lusting for a DS she became my daily transport in 1994. Every year we would drive to Crete in her and tour for 3 months and this carried on for 5 years until we decided to temporarily import her to Greece where she then spendt some 9 months of the year in customs while we worked back in the UK. During those years she would be ready whenever we got there and, being left hand drive, she fitted right in. This arrangement slowed down her rusting and meant that we could fly over whenever we wished instead of driving all the way. In 2002 we decided to join her in Crete having down-shifted our lives completely and now we live in perfect harmony in an impecunious but idyllic state.


My 2nd DS - in pink Needless to say, being without a DS in the UK for all those years would have been unthinkable and so we just HAD to get another DS for use there. Again, << DS World ltd. >> - came to the rescue and Ruby, as she became known, came to us in November 1999. Originally built for South Africa in 1971 or 1972, she came to England in 1999 and although pretty much rust free her original paintwork (blue and white) was matt and sorely faded. A perfect opportunity to have a DS in my own idea of the perfect colour scheme! Pink with a black roof and whitewall tyres.


My 2nd DS - in pink Finally we acquired a third DS - a safari that had had a scrape with the excise men. Our gallant boys at << DS World ltd. >> cut her down - strengthened her up and she became that rarest of Goddesses - a DS pick-up truck. Perfect for our life then to be in Crete. And once there she got a new working livery and serves The Lavender Way farm as a general purpose agrotiko (farm vehicle).


Owning a DS is special. People stop, stare, and even wave. Other drivers are remarkably courteous, even German drivers in Europe and on their own autobhans! And you will usually find a DS enthusiast in every European town - just hang around near your DS and watch them come out of the woodwork.


The DS gets lots of attention on the Web - not that surprising considering the ferocity of the love all we owners feel for our charges. I've included some of my favourites below.

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